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Highways, roads, bridges, transit lines, installing gas lines, telecommunications, new sewers and watermains all to help support economic growth and public health and safety - providing the foundations for the future.


Civil construction is a large and important part of the broader construction industry which builds Canada’s core infrastructure - the engineers and contractors who design, build and maintain the physical assets needed to support economic growth development and public health and safety.

Civil Construction in Ontario
Core infrastructure includes the highways, roads, bridges and light rail transit lines that move people and goods on our provincial highway systems and our municipal transportation networks. It involves installing the sewers and watermains, and the water treatment systems to support new businesses and new, healthy communities.
Civil Construction in Ontario
Civil Construction in Ontario
Civil construction and engineering also means installing essential services to deliver gas and telecommunications, preparing land for new subdivisions, providing new sidewalks and building airport runways. Pipelines and subway tunnels, storm water systems and bicycle paths - all a part of the civil construction industry’s responsibility for providing the foundations for the future.

Foundations for the Future