Ontario Construction Careers Alliance


NOC 2154


Assist the crew chief in collecting survey data for land development projects, measuring angles, distances and elevations using survey levels, total stations and GPS receivers. Record info manually or in a field data collector. They analyze engineering plans, survey data, photographs, computer and other info. They stake boundaries and underground facilities, documenting data as directed.

$29,000 to $62,400
  • Helps to develop survey plans, methods and procedures for conducting legal surveys 
  • Conduct surveys to establish and mark legal boundaries of different land masses, roadways and highways 
  • Survey and layout subdivisions for rural and urban development 
  • Determine precise locations using electronic distance measuring equipment and GPS  
  • Assist in locating property corners, section corners, and other structures
  • Set up and operate level, transit and distance meter and record all measurements
  • Drives nails, stakes and iron pins at designate points into the ground
Working Conditions
  • Survey assistants are required to work outdoors on survey sites, and they may work in remote areas for prolonged periods. 
  • If employed in mine surveying, they may be required to work underground.
Essential Skills
  • Excellent communication skills for maintaining relationships with employees and public
  • Knowledge of GPS equipment, transit, theodolite, level, and other equipment
  • Knowledge of mathematics to complete surveying calculations
  • Ability to read blueprints, maps, plans and layout sheets and keep legible survey notes
  • Completion of High School
  • Some experience in the construction industry as a general labourer