Classroom Presentations

The OCCA offers classroom presentations regarding career opportunities in construction. OCCA visits over 200 Ontario high schools each year at no cost to talk to students about the many great career options in the construction industry. Make sure your students have the information they need to make informed career choices too by using the ‘Presentation Request Form’ to book your classroom experience.


Why Us

The Ontario Construction Careers Alliance is a non-profit organization, established in 2006, to awareness to the vast career opportunities in the Construction Industry. The OCCA’s mandate is to promote careers in construction outlining the duties, skills and education required to enter into a career, and the relative pay grade associated with each.


Did You Know

Presently the construction industry is often overlooked as a viable career choice, predominantly due to a lack of understanding of the industry and the types of careers available. According to the Construction Sector Council, the construction industry in Canada is expected to rise by 360,000 workers by 2024. Meaning the construction industry is in great demand for dedicated employees and offers endless career opportunities.

We at the OCCA have various resources to enlighten students about the career opportunities. Our website provides valuable information about the construction industry, career options, trade apprenticeship, post-secondary education paths, high school programs, grants and scholarships and more.

Book a Presentation

Presentation Request Form

Spaces for the 2017-2018 school year are filling up fast! To book a presentation please download and fill out the presentation request form. We look forward to working with you and enlightening your students about the career opportunities available in the Construction Industry!


Invite us into your classroom to educate your students about their construction career options.


Partner with us to mitigate current and future labour shortages.


Find out why skilled trades and professional careers are some of the best career choices.