Ontario Construction Careers Alliance
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Acclerated OYAP Program The Accelerated Ontario Youth Apprentice Programs are designed for senior high school students who are involved with Co-operatived Education. Acclerated OYAP provides students with an opportunity to explore a career in a trade while still in high school.
Clay Elliot Foundation The Clay Elliott Scholarship Foundation is a non-profit organization that provides scholarships to students who are currently completing high school and are applying for a full-time undergraduate degree, college diploma or trade school certificate.
Dual Credit Program Students participate in apprenticeship training and post secondary courses. while earning credits towards both their high school diploma and their postsecondary diploma, degree or certification
Employment Ontario The Ontario Government program offers a range of services to respond to the employment needs of individuals and skilled labour needs of employers.
GoEngineeringGirl Go ENG Girl provides opportunities for grade 7 to 10 girls across Ontario to visit their local Universities to learn about opportunities in engineering through hands-on activities, presentations and engineering student exhibits.
Ontario Skills Development Ontario Skills Development can help you with short term training to build your skills and get a job.
Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program (OYAP) OYAP is a school-to-work program that opens the door for students to explore and work in apprenticeship occupations starting in grade 11 or grade 12.
Passport to Prosperity An Ontario Ministry of Education program through which employers provide workplace tours, career talks, job shadowing, mentorship, work experience, apprenticeship and cooperative education placements for students in grades 7 to 12.
Second Careers Secondary Careers is an Ontario government program that offers career planning and financial support to help unemployed Ontarians prepare for a new job.
Specialized High Skills Major (SHSM) The Specialized High Skills Major program allows Ontario high school students to combine academic requirements with industry-specific training and education and co-Op work assignments.
Take our Kids to Work 'Take Our Kids to Work' is a federal government initiative that annually sees grade 9 students experiencing a day of real life work in over 75,000 workplaces across the country.
TRAC Program The Transportation and Civil Engineering Program (TRAC) develops high school curriculum to introduce students to civil engineering subjects and prepare them for potential future careers in that field.
Trades Win Support (Skills for Change)
Women in Skilled Trades (WIST) The Women in Skilled Trades program provides funding for pre-apprenticeship training designed exclusively for women. These programs include in-school theoretical training followed by a work placement at an employer’s work site. Students can take up to one year to complete the training. Graduates are qualified to work in skilled trades and to enter apprenticeships.
Youth Employment Fund The Youth Employment Fund is part of the Ontario government's new Youth Jobs Strategy, which is helping 30,000 young people across the province get work experience, start a business or build job skills.