Construction Days

Please note due to Covid-19, Construction Days are currently on hold.

A construction day event is a day that allows high school students who have an interest in the construction industry to see some of the job opportunities available on a first-hand basis. This experiential learning opportunity allows students to visit construction sites, learn about occupations and talk to people who work in construction.

Construction Day

How it Works

OCCA works with local construction and employer organizations to deliver a full-day, hands-on introduction to the construction industry. This includes presentations from construction professionals, visits to local projects and materials manufacturing sites, an introduction to construction safety and much more.

OCCA provides the forms and tools that local groups need to plan and deliver their own construction days. Join local industry groups in your region to introduce your students to a day in construction with an educational, hands-on experience.

Enroll Your Students

Download our complete package which contains all the forms, tools, and information you need to plan and deliver your own local Construction Day event.

Download The Information Package

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